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Pension Risk Transfer

How Much Could You Save With A Pension Risk Transfer?

Pension risk transfer is the process of transferring some or all of a plan sponsor’s pension liability to a third party, saving money and reducing financial and administrative risk. PRT can help plan sponsors with frozen plans reduce risk, bring down costs and get to plan termination faster.

Our tool offers a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved in transferring your pension risk. By analyzing various factors, such as your plan's funding status, projected liabilities, and market conditions, we provide you with a clear understanding of the financial implications of transferring your pension obligations and how much you could save annually. To get started, enter your EIN and plan number or lookup your company by name below.

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Gain even more insights to better manage your defined benefit plan with a complimentary plan Wellness Check. One of our pension risk experts will perform a deeper analysis on your plan to:

  • Diagnose pain points,
  • Illuminate strategic opportunities
  • Discover innovative cost-saving remedies with no demands on your time - no data request needed.

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